Harms Residence

Whole House Renovation

A 2,500 square foot ranch located on a 2.5 acre “nature preserve”-like setting, requiring an update to a modern “open-floor” plan concept while providing more curb appeal, more energy efficient mechanical systems, and building envelope. Existing two-car attached garage was transformed into master bedroom sleeping quarters.

Process ::

  • Design drawings / CAD.
  • Architectural 2D colored rendering.
  • Detailed contractor pricing / budgeting of the entire scope of work / design.
  • Construction drawings to obtain building permit.

Details ::

  • Removal of interior bearing walls to provide a more modern “open-floor” plan including ceiling structure that creates vertically of volume non-typical of older ranch design.
  • Adding only 86 Sq. Ft. of new construction and re-purposing existing attached garage for the new Front Entry element and Master Bedroom suite.
  • Modern Kitchen with “garden-bay” window, cathedral ceiling, skylight, granite countertop, maple cabinetry, and Energy-Star appliances.
  • New foamed backed vinyl siding, pre-manufactured stone veneer, and locally provided hand-hewn heavy-timber structural covered porch elements.
  • All new Energy-Star compliant heating-cooling systems including doors & windows.
  • All new code compliant building insulation systems.

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