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  • B. Legrand Design :: Build, Ltd. is truly a Design / Build firm, when compared to other competitors, we keep the Design Services “In-House” and are not hiring outside consultants to perform this aspect of the work. Why is this important?….We are SO integral in the Design Process that it ensures that the SMALL nuances and LARGE details of your project do not get overlooked! We approach YOUR project with the philosophy that we are here to bring your design to life and you are hiring US for our years of Professional Experience. The Client & B. Legrand are a TEAM, we assume NOTHING, you the client are involved in ALL aspects…from the Conceptual Design…to the Materials selected, the Budget created, and the Construction performed. As our motto here is “IT’S ALL ABOUT THE DETAILS”!

  • Our “Open-Book” approach to the Design / Build process is just that,… We play no games and have nothing to hide. Some competitors survive by using that approach and have now cast an unfavorable shadow on our industry. We contradict the norm and pass onto you, the Client, all of our trade / contractor discounts and do not over inflate on our markup. We create a Budget Analysis for each project detailing the costs….as we say “From the dumpsters to the door knobs” and open those figures to you the Client. This “Open-Book” allows you, as most clients never doing this type of project before, to better understand the cost associated with YOUR project and allows you to “Shop” OUR design and prioritize the elements and features that are most valued and essential to you.

Bryan L. Black :: Owner

Why B. Legrand Design :: Build…..what does it stand for? The name Legrand is my middle name that has been in my family for many generations. So, the abbreviation on my name, B. Legrand may now continue on in another way!

I have heard over the years there is a large disconnect from behind the design desk to what actually happens in the field…so here is how I have attempted to close that gap :

  • Attended all 4 years of Architectural / Mechanical Drafting courses offered in high school.
  • Worked summer’s home from college in the field on a residential house framing crew and also as a finished carpenter in a custom wood shop.
  • Earned 5 year degree for Bachelors of Architecture and Bachelors of Science, Kent State University, 1997.
  • Worked for various Architects over a span of 9+ years that individually specialized in a wide range of design sectors ranging from high-end custom homes, country-clubs, retail, automotive, and religious architecture.
  • Worked for a General Contractor for 4+ years as the main Designer while fulfilling additional roles of Project Manager / Estimator in addition to overseeing a carpentry staff of 8-15 employees.
  • I can proudly say that my in-field experience has enabled me to have learned the ability to actually perform many of the tasks I request from others, like electrical, plumbing, rough & finish carpentry, ceramic tile, and masonry.

“ I have always believed in doing things with the highest of standards :: Honesty, Integrity, and with the utmost Quality. Good design not only comes from using the best materials and workmanship but being able to think outside “the box” and create cost effective designs. The combination of a formal education paired with years of experience in the office and out in the field has provided me with the unique tools / skill set to bring you a better quality product.”
Bryan L. Black, Owner

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